Roof ventilation systems have become a necessity for most homes where there is a significant amount of sunlight. This is primarily because when a house has a roof ventilation installation in place, then they can not only reduce the temperatures in their home but can also alleviate the strain that is caused on the roof. This is why many ventilation systems are also known as energy recovery ventilation. Today, having a house without a roof ventilation system is a sure-fire ticket for having a home that is constantly overheated during the summers.

Let us take a look at a few benefits of having a roof ventilation installation in your home.

Energy Efficiency

The lack of adequate roof ventilation systems in your home will lead to a significant build-up of heat during the summer months. The bulk of this heat will be directed towards the attic, which will then flow over to the rest of your home. The result is that you will be keeping your air conditioning systems at full power for a significantly longer time. But if you get energy recovery ventilation, then your roof stays much cooler, allowing the temperatures to drop significantly in your home.

Roof Longevity

When you conduct a roof ventilation installation, you are ensuring that the lifespan of your home’s roof is extended by a huge margin. This is because extreme heat or extreme cold can have huge effects on your shingles and can eventually subject your roof to a significant amount of wear and tear. This kind of weathering results in most individuals having to replace the roof, every five or six years. However, when you go for sustainable roof ventilation systems, then the heat that is directed at your roof is immediately spread out and does not have any point to concentrate, which means that your roof takes lesser damage and the damage itself is spread across the entire surface area, allowing your roof to have a longer lifespan.


In the absence of proper roof ventilation systems, your home appliances will give out a significant number of vapours which unfortunately will not have any place to travel out of your home. These vapours will eventually condense and cause a significant amount of moisture to build up around your insulation, which means that you will have to keep replacing your indoor insulation every few years. These problems are alleviated with energy recovery ventilation, which allows these vapours to be removed from the house, rather than being trapped inside.


As mentioned previously, trapped vapours from the appliances in your home will eventually condense and turn into moisture. While this moisture is bad news for your insulation, it can be even worse for homes that have a significant amount of wood frames. It doesn’t take a scientist to understand the adverse effects of moisture on wood, which is why a roof ventilation installation can save you from these problems and allow the moisture to exit from designated pathways out of your house.

Air Conditioner Longevity

As mentioned earlier, one of the primary benefits provided by roof ventilation systems is their ability to keep your home cooler. However, an additional added benefit is the fact that with a roof ventilation installation, the temperature in your house is evenly spread across the rooms. This means that you will not have to deal with switching AC temperatures in different rooms based on the level of heat they are generating. This enables your air conditioning units to have a stable temperature throughout and thus helps them last much longer.

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