Do you Notice a Musty Smell in the Room?

It may indicate the presence of mould and requires your urgent attention. Mould is a type of fungus and develops in the presence of excess moisture. The smell of mould can be rank and odorous and often difficult to differentiate from that of mildew. While both indicate the presence of fungi, the growth of mould is thicker and can cause damages to surface. It can develop in any household item and leads to poor air quality. If you are wondering how to get rid of the damp smell, getting to the source of the problem is necessary. While using an air freshener will help you temporarily, it is important to find the mould and assess the extent of the problem.

Cleaning mould is much more than regular cleaning and requires an understanding of the mould type. There are a multitude of different type of mould specie, and they can develop even beneath surfaces. You may not be able to spot mould right away making cleaning often a challenging task.

Every type of mould is different in colour, texture, and smell. However, it is unpleasant and can be rank, humid, or sweet, fermenting-type. The smell also varies depending on the life cycle of the mould. Some of the substances that you can use to get rid of mould are hot water, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, borax powder and essential oils. However, if you are unsure how to go about the cleaning, it is wise to hire the service of mould removal specialists. You can have peace of mind that the problem will be dealt with effectively without any trace of the mould.

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