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Take out preventative measures against the development of mildew and ensure that your home or office space is always clean and healthy, providing safe airflow. We are passionate about our customer’s health and wellbeing; we like to help by passing on knowledge and educating our customers to prevent growth of mildew.

Have your mildew treatment and prevention done by an expert.

Whether you are looking for preventative measures or your property is at the point of needing treatment and removal of mildew, Mould Terminator can deliver the results you need. Our team of experts will assess and service your existing ventilation system or install a newer and more effective system that guarantees clean air in your home or office space.

We are a leading mildew removal company and are committed to offering effective solutions to eliminate and prevent the formation of mildew. Our service for mildew treatment is unrivalled and we can ensure that your property is free from mould in just a few steps. Our specialists are professionally trained and equipped with the latest tools to eliminate mildew of all types. We also provide solutions for mildew prevention and you can use our service for long-lasting results.

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Leading Mildew Removal Company

Mildew is a common issue and effective removal and prevention are vital. It is a form of fungus that usually affects plants but can also develop indoors. Mould can affect the air quality of a space and can also lead to health issues. Our goal is to leave your property free from any trace of mildew and prevent it from coming back again.

At Mould Terminator, we make use of tried and tested methods for mildew removal and assure you of unmatched results. There are different levels of mildew infestation and we are well-equipped to offer the best solutions. No matter the complexity of the problem, we make use of advanced methods to eradicate mildew from your property.

Mildew not only looks unsightly but also leads to damage to the surface that it is in contact with. It also leads to poor air quality and can pose a health hazard for vulnerable people. If you are looking for mildew removal specialists, we can help you. We have wide experience and our professionals are trained to get the job done right and to your complete satisfaction. We begin by carrying out a thorough assessment and will determine the best treatment method. We employ the latest industry techniques to offer safe and effective mildew removal. There are different types of mould and we can remove and prevent them from returning. If you need a mildew removal service, we have the right solutions for you. Call us today to find out more.


Potassium bicarbonate can be used to quickly kill powdery mildew spores.

To get rid of mildew from your home, you can use a mixture of three parts of water along with one part of bleach. A sponge can be used to apply the mixture to the areas with the mould.