If you notice mould in your carpet, it is better to get rid of it as soon as practicle. Mould spores can pose health risks and are often difficult to eliminate. While black mould in the carpet is the most serious, all types of mould can impact the look and longevity of your carpet.

Mould in the carpet treatment techniques include specialised methods to ensure that the spores are killed. For hard surfaces, removing mould is easy. However, in carpets and rugs, the mould spored can get into the tiny spaces and scrubbing may not work always.

Causes of Mould in Carpet

To start with, let us understand why mould develops in carpets. Mould is a fungus and grows by releasing spores. While the spores can be present anywhere, they need moisture to form mould. Rugs and carpets trap moisture and this makes them susceptible to develop mould. If a carpet gets wet, moisture is often trapped in the dense fibres and may lead to the problem of mould.

If you are planning to remove mould from the carpet, remember that it is an extremely complex task due to the presence of porous and absorbent surfaces. Ensure that you wear safety gear while cleaning to prevent reaction resulting from spores.

If you notice mould in your carpet and want to take immediate action for the effective removal of the spores, get in touch with mould removal specialists. At Mould Terminator, we have years of experience in offering mould remediation solutions for different types of surfaces. As experts, we are aware of the methods that work best and will be happy to offer solutions that remove mould and prevent it from coming back. Call us today to find out more.

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